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The most striking characteristic of this moderately sized turtle is its head, which is very large and triangular. Because the head is so large, it cannot be drawn into the turtle's shell. This results in more vulnerability, which the Big-Headed Turtle has made up for in other ways. A horny scute, which resembles that on the carapace and plastron, covers the top and sides of the Big-Headed Turtle's head. They also have a very hard skull, made of solid bone. The jaws are also protected by a horny shell, and the beak is wide and sharp. The only unprotected area on the Big-Headed Turtle's head is a narrow strip on the cheeks that stretches from the eyes to the mouth. While the eyes appear recessed because of the horny protection around them, this is only an illusion. The eyes are golden and sometimes have a horizontal brown bar through the iris. The Big-Headed Turtle has a rectangular carapace that is square in front, rounded and almost serrated in back. It is fairly flat, and the yellow plastron is hingeless. The carapace comes in a variety of shades between dark brown and yellow and often has a dark pattern. The Big-Headed Turtle's toes have strong, sharp claws and slightly webbed toes.

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